I started riding my bike to work the other day, and it’s very enjoyable. I’ve been feeling a bit sedentary in recent times, so a more active morning and evening commute is a really welcome change. I’d kinda forgotten that nice feeling you get post-exercise, and it’s made me realise that I should do this more often.

I find it easy to fill time with non-exercise related things, so coupling exercise with my daily commute will hopefully facilitate this becoming a habit. Usually with new changes like this I’m not very successful in consistently carving out the time to dedicate to it. Swapping out a MUNI ride for cycling is a perfect alternative.

The route to work is a real downhill joy in the morning, and it most definitely helps with waking up mentally. By the time I get to FIDI I feel ramped up for the day.

The homeward leg is relatively painless, the only difficult point being the last half mile from the panhandle up to my apartment on a hill. In hindsight a single gear might not always be the best option, but it’s not all that much of a big deal.

I’m going to give this a few weeks and see how it goes. I’m cautiously optimistic that I can make this a productive, healthy habit.