Linux Fest North West & Hackers on a Train recap

I’ve been neglecting my weekly blog post the last few weeks, but I’m back! The last few weeks and weekends have been busy with fun stuff. The workshop I gave on Data Security for Journalists at the CPJ conference was really wonderful fun. It was great to meet Cyrus and Micah and hang out with them teaching journalists how to use security tools to protect both themselves and their sources. The workshop itself was a great success, with all attendees walking away with both a working knowledge and a suite of tools to help them in their daily work. … »

Iron Blogger: It begins

I finally, this past weekend, got around to implementing the Iron Blogger group that I’d been hoping to start at Noisebridge before Christmas (better late than never). This post is actually the first of my weekly obligations. Watch this space for more blogging. Things are going well. Life is busy on many fronts. The plans that I had for Linux Fest North West and, more specifically Hackers on a Train are coming along nicely. … »

Linux Fest North West - Hackers on a train

I realise it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve had some ideas for meaty blog posts but I’ve found them to be very difficult to shape into something I actually want to publish. The solution I think is to post more frequently about lighter material in a bid to get the hang of this blogging thing. Just before Christmas, Torrie took a long train ride from Jack London Square in Oakland to Cleveland on her travels to 31c3. … »