This weekend I took the opportunity of some downtime and the fact that I’ve deployed a new primary VPS (with the wonderful iocoop) to migrate my blog source to use hugo, leaving behind the Octopress setup I’ve had for a while. Why? Well I’ve been on a small Go kick recently at $DAYJOB and elsewhere and having played with some of the other utilities developed by spf13 such as cobra and admiring their ergonomics and simplicity I was keen to give hugo a try. … »

Anti-pattern checkin week #3

It’s been 3 weeks since Noisebridge’s Iron Blogger kicked off. While I’m happy to have kept myself to a schedule of writing at least once a week, I’m still trying to beat the anti-pattern of scrambling to write something last thing on a Sunday evening. Thankfully, I have a few things I’m working on that I’d like to write about in more detail. I’m hoping to flesh out a few post stubs to keep on hand during the coming weeks such that I’ll never be short of ideas about which to write. … »